Next World Tulip Summit

Ottawa, Canada

October 5 - 7, 2017

Hosted by the Canadian Tulip Festival

Westin Hotel, official Hotel of the Canadian Tulip Festival



The Mission
The World Tulip Summit Society brings together the tulipists, tulip aficionados, connoisseurs, fans, devotees and tulip lovers of the world to celebrate and promote the positive influence this beautiful and unique flower, one of the world’s most beloved flowers, has had and continues to have worldwide, on all aspects of life as a symbol of international friendship, peace and spring.


  1. promote the tulip as a symbol of friendship, peace and of spring
  2. make use of the tulip as a means to promote international goodwill
  3. encourage and facilitate the celebration of the tulip
  4. promote the organization of tulip celebrations for the benefit of local residents and tourists
  5. pursue and facilitate the exchange of information and cooperation

between our countries with regard to tulips


  1. organize on a biannual basis a World Tulip Summit
  2. manage the World Tulip Summit Society’s Order of the Tulip
  3. manage a World Tulip Summit Society web site
  4. manage a promotion program of the World Friendship Tulip, the Society’s official tulip