2001 - Tonami Tulip Fair

World Tulip Summits

2002 - Ottawa, Canada
2006 - Canberra, Australia
2008 - Spalding England
2010 - Skagit Valley, USA
2013 - Istanbul, Turkey
2015 - Suncheon City, South Korea

At the 2002 Canadian Tulip Festival in Ottawa, the 'Great Tulip Conference of the Royal National Tulip Society' (last held in London in 1897), was revived under the new title of the World Tulip Summit. The Summit brought together delegates from some of the world's leading tulip festivals and floral events to celebrate the special history of the tulip and its relationship with mankind over many centuries.

As well as presentations by the Summit delegates about their own particular tulip festival or event, the Summit also included a wide range of other renowned speakers including writers, horticultural historians, artists, collectors and floral arrangers.

The 2006 World Tulip Summit was held in Canberra, Australia and introduced a new program of speakers and events. The Summit - titled Bloomin' Down Under' also included educational presentations during the "World Festival of Flowers" weekend, which had been specially included in the annual Canberra Floriade - Australia's celebration of Spring.

In 2008 the World Tulip Summit will be held in Spalding, England and will be part of the celebration events being planned for the 50th Spalding Tulip Parade and a six week 'TulipMania' Festival.

The connection between the Spalding Tulip Parade and the World Tulip Summit organisation started back in 2001 following a special 'twinning' ceremony in Ottawa linking the Canadian Tulip Festival with the Spalding Tulip Parade. This event involved a number of delegates travelling from Spalding to Ottawa to represent the Parade. The party included civic officials, the Spalding Flower Queen and three support staff who helped to decorate a traditional flower float (which had been specially shipped from England) with silk tulip heads to recreate the effect of using fresh tulips. The float remained on display in Ottawa's Major Hill Park for three weeks, before being shipped back to the UK.

The 2010 World Tulip Summit was held in Skagit Valley Washington State, USA. Twelve countries were represented at the festival. (paragraph from Cindy)

The following Declaration was signed by representatives of the delegate countries at the Ottawa Tulip Summit:

Whilst modern day South Holland no longer has many tulip growers - they have been replaced by food crop growers, daffodil growers, food processors and flower packers, the Tulip Parade has managed to survive, and all those involved with the special celebration events in 2008 look forward to welcoming everyone to the 50th Parade, the 'TulipMania' Festival and the World Tulip Summit.

As participants at the 2002 World Tulip Summit we agree to:

• promote the tulip as a symbol of friendship and of spring
• make use of the tulip as a means to promote international goodwill
• encourage and facilitate the celebration of the tulip every spring
• promote and organise our tulip celebrations for the benefit of our local residents and tourists
• pursue and facilitate the exchange of information and co-operation between our tulip celebrations
• let our participation at the Ottawa Tulip Summit be a symbol of our commitment to our common goals'

The Declaration was signed by:
• Canada: Joan O’Neill, President, Canadian Tulip Festival
• USA: Marguerite Dove, Cultural Affairs Officer, Skagit Valley Tulip Festival
• UK: David Norton, Chairman, Spalding Flower Parade
• France: Jean-Claude Mari, Deputy Major, Nice - Battle of Flowers
• Australia: Cathy Winters, Executive Director, Canberra Floriade
• Japan: Kenichi Takeyama, Second Secretary, Tonami Tulip Fair
• Turkey: Gokcen Kaya, Bursa Tulip Festival