History of the World Friendship Tulip

World Friendship Tulip
Grown by Maveridge Bulbs http://www.maveridge.com
The “World Friendship” tulip was developed by professor Marcel Lenard from France in 1988.  Mr Lenard was the breeder for the Inra (French horticultural breeding institute) located in Brest, Bretagne. He worked 35 years breeding tulips for the Inra. The goal was to make disease hardy varieties for growing bulbs in Northern France and for making flowers in Southern France. However, in 2000 the Inra decided to stop breeding tulips to focus on other crops like potatoes and weeds. Maveridge bought then 1500 varieties from Inra for growing them in Holland.

From these 1500 varieties the World Friendship was selected as number 417.  Maveridge Bulbs did plant 5 kilograms of the World Friendship tulip in 2001 and in 2014 they
planted 8000 kilograms. From the 1500 varieties around 40 survived through the selection
criteria and World Friendship is one of them.World Friendship was selected in the first place because the beautiful soft shining yellow, which is the symbolic colour of friendship, and the elegant shape of the flowers with the long strong stems. It survived the selections procedures because the bulb production and disease hardiness was excellent as well. They are grown on approximately a half an hectare in
Holland and this should increase by 15 % per year.

Special Fundraising Project by Theo den Bosch 2016


Large plantings of the World Friendship Tulip in 2016

Disneyland Paris, Paris
Suncheon Bay National Garden, Suncheon City, Korea




World Friendship Tulip




A Visit to Maveridge Bulbs where the "Friendship Tulip" is being developed



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