Tulip Summit Painting


Oil on Canvas, 24 x 24" - 61 x 61 cm
Monique Martin


This painting was inspired by the need to have a symbol of handing over the World Tulip Summit to the next country and by an event at the 2008 Summit in Spalding. The handover ceremony was in progress with the Summit being handed over from David Norton of Spalding, UK to Cindy Verge, Skagit Valley, USA, Michel Gauthier president was onstage and looked around for an impromptu symbol of the handing over. On the table was a globe vase with tulips in it. How fitting of a symbol. Right away the power of this symbol struck me and I took a photo and created a quick sketch. When I got home I painted the piece that is here on the page. Below is the photo I took of Cindy with the globe shaped vase.